Hi-Lo released the news article via PR Newswire

  • 2021-05-14

Taipei, Taiwan. May, 2021.

Hi-Lo Systems, the leading global provider of IC programming solutions, released the news article via PR Newswire and shared our vision to the future.

Hi-Lo has seen the strong increase in high density NAND memory (eMMC and UFS) and MCU with 15% to 20% in 5 years under the trends of AI, connected cars, electric cars, and 5G application, therefore we launched the advanced programming solutions including latest models of device programmers (ALL-300 series), automated programming systems (AT3-310 series), and different kinds of programming service.

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We are Hi-Lo Systems from Taiwan, the leading global provider of device programmers, automated programming systems and programming service.

Since1983, Hi-Lo has been devoted to providing comprehensive programming solutions, meeting the requirements in both capacity and quality, delivering the most stable programming performance. After years of hard work Hi-Lo has received remarkable feedback from customers around the world and successfully distributed our products worldwide, securing significant market share.

Today, our customers rely on HI-LO's secure programming solutions to stable and cost-effectively secure products. These solutions must architect from the very beginning, starting with the software development process and continuing with the production of the product to ensure success for our customers.