ALL-300G2 Universal Gang Programmer

  • Support eMMC and UFS
  • Excellent programming performance on high-density NAND Flash and eMMC
  • Support USB 3.1 Gen1(USB3.0) interface to significantly increase the programming speed
  • Support up to 16 sockets
  • Best for small to medium volume, high-density device programming production



Support UFS device simply by changing the PACK
  • Support UFS 2.0, UFS 2.1, UFS 3.0, and UFS 3.1
  • Support MIPI M-PHY V3.0
  • UniPro Specification V1.6
  • UFS Card Extension V1.0
  • Support up to 2 Lane Gear 3 (Rate A/ Rate B)
  • Support 19.2MHz / 26MHz RCLK frequency
  • Support UFS LUN read/write
  • Support all settings such as Descriptor and Attributes
  • 64G internal memory (expandable)
  • Support USB 3.1 Gen1 with download speed up to 280 MB/s
Ultra high UFS programming speed
  • Program speed up to 230 MB/s
  • Verify speed up to 880 MB/s
Excellent programming performance
  • Cutting-edge programming core delivers the fastest and most stable programming performance on high-density NAND Flash and eMMC
  • Full IC pin contact check prevents bad contact in socket or IC damage from reversed placement
Support wide range of IC devices and packages
  • Device supported: UFS, eMMC, eMCP, MCU/MPU, NOR/NAND Flash EEPROM, SPI Memory, FPGA, CPLD, etc.
  • Package supported: DIP, SDIP, SOP, SSOP, TSOP, PLCC, QFP, QFN, SON, BGA, WLCSP, etc.
High data transfer speed
  • USB 3.1 Gen1(USB3.0)transferring interface significantly increase the programming speed
User-friendly software interface
  • Intuitive graphical user interface
  • Clear display of each function in the entire programming procedure
  • Display details and status of each device during programming
Expansion flexibility for production
  • One computer can connect to 8 units of ALL-300G2 at the same time
  • Up to 128 devices can be programmed simultaneously
Timely software support
  • Fast software support by customer’s request
  • The supporting software is updated weekly on HI-LO website for checking or retrieving
  • All programming problems will be followed and handled immediately

ALL-300G2 Core

ALL-300G2 Core

New generation high-performance core:

New design of high-performance hardware, provides high speed and quality on UFS, eMMC and high density NAND Flash programming

  • Support all of latest IC devices and over 95% of MCU IC in market
  • Full IC pin contact check prevents bad contact in socket or IC damage from reversed placement
  • Outstanding speed: Program function delivers 230MB/s and Verify function delivers 880MB/s
  • Support UFS simply by changing the PACK

Since 1983, Hi-Lo has dedicated ourselves to providing cost-effective, reliable IC programming and testing solutions. Through decades of hard work, Hi-Lo has successfully achieved a significant market share in the programming industry and served customers in more than 40 countries around the world.

Nowadays, Hi-Lo has caught up with trends of EV and IoT technologies with innovative programming technology and unparalleled solution portfolio. Affirming our leading position in the industry, Hi-Lo has built a worldwide programming network, assisting our customers regardless of the industry or the location.


Automotive electronics

Hi-Lo has been authorized and trusted by numerous automotive companies for our unparalleled programming performance in automotive electronics and our completed and worldwide support!

The application of semiconductors is exploding when attached to automotive industries. For example, an EV requires various microcontrollers, processers to perform in-time communication and control among internal devices such as engines, brakes, wheels, etc. Moreover, an EV needs to be equipped with latest high-density devices such as eMMC and UFS to deliver an innovative In-Vehicle Infotainment system, optimizing the consumer experience in driving. Consequently, an EV is estimated to equip with at least 150 chips, creating annual demand for over a billion devices to program and given a function.

Hi-Lo recognizes from the experience that all automotive devices shall be programmed with unyielding precision. As a result, Hi-Lo is the only supplier that develops an exclusive automated programming system with inside 3D quality inspection for automotive electronics - AT3-370AL. AT3-370AL is specially designed to satisfy strict requirements, and now, it is the designated and authorized programming solution for most suppliers of automotive electronics.


IoT technology

Building a smart city is the ultimate and unanimous goal for numerous leaders around the world. Governments aspire to improve the efficiency and safety of establishing infrastructure in cities with the power of IoT technology.

Take self-driving technology in a smart city for example, the capability to download, process, and store navigation data promptly is substantially necessary. An ideal smart city allows in-time interaction between vehicles and traffic signals and make adjustment accordingly. To be more specific, processing of navigation information, latest traffic conditions as example, gathered from traffic signals can be transmitted to vehicles, allowing recalibration for the optimized routes in timely manner.

Consequently, the significant demand for latest high density devices such as UFS, eMMC are substantially necessary to complete smart cities. Foreseeing such trends, Hi-Lo has developed the innovative programming core in ALL-300 series for such devices, delivering the excelling programming performance of stability and averagely 400 percent faster than other brands.


Consumer electronics

Consumer electronics is one of the application of chips that influence the most widespread and deepest. Supply chains of smartphones, laptops, wearable devices, and home automation contribute giant business worth hundreds of billions dollars.

The competition for such business is fierce. However, to keep the leading positions of our customers in market and solidify their technology barrier, Hi-Lo innovates ourselves in IC programming technology and launches the AT3-310 series, the flagship model of automated programming systems.

Through decades, Hi-Lo has supported more than 100,000 devices and sold over 500 sets of equipment, and successfully become the long-term supplier of IC programming for world-leading EMS, IC design companies, and automotive companies.

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ALL-300G2 Universal Gang Programmer
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ALL-300G2 Universal Gang Programmer
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ALL-300G2 Universal Gang Programmer
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ALL-300G2 Universal Gang Programmer
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ALL-300G2 Universal Gang Programmer
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