Hi-Lo participated in the NUVOTON 2020 seminar with Digitimes

  • 2020-10-27

Taipei, Taiwan – Oct 27, 2020

Hi-Lo Systems, the leading global provider of IC device programmer and service, participated in Nuvoton 2020 for new microcontroller solutions in industrial controls, automotive, IoT, etc.

Thanks to Nuvoton, participation in the seminar was such a privilege for Hi-Lo because not only the innovative solutions and technologies in industries we have or haven't developed but also many profound one-on-one meetings with professionals, institutional investors inspired all our participants throughout the day.


Since 1983 Hi-Lo Systems has developed innovative solutions to enable the design and manufacture of electronic products for automotive, servers, consumer electronics, security devices, wireless, smart meter, industrial controls and other electronic devices. Today, our customers rely on Hi-Lo's secure programming solutions to stably and cost-effectively secure products. These solutions must architect from the very beginning, starting with the software development process and continuing with the production of the product to ensure success for our customers.