The Problem:

As the Internet of Things (IoT) proliferates, billions of cloud-connected devices are expected to be designed, manufactured and deployed over the next decade. OEMs are increasingly concerned that their modern connected devices are susceptible to IP theft, product cloning and system hacking. Unfortunately, their concern is validated and the reality is that hacking and intellectual property theft are all too common nowadays.

The only solution is to implement a "zero trust" design philosophy across the supply chain to minimize vulnerabilities and continually authenticate and individualize deliverables.

Leading silicon vendors of authentication chips, secure elements and secure microcontroller devices are announcing new device and platform enabling OEM's to embed security roots-of-trust and protect their devices.


The Solution:

The secure platform specially for secure programming is required with highly flexible cost-effective security provisioning and data programming system for authentication devices, secure elements and secure microcontrollers.

In secure programming, the secure platform should seamlessly combines corresponding automated device technology, programming technology, programming software and hardware, and the secure software for a trusted, secured and integrated solution. 

The secure platform embeds a strong foundation of security, roots-of-trust and authentication in manufacturing to deliver a secure supply chain for trusted devices.

Product security is not something that can be just added at the end of the design and production process; rather, it is something that an OEM must architect from the very beginning, starting with the software development process through to the deployment of millions of devices into our systems.

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