• Secure Programming
  • ALL-300G2
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IC Device Programming

Universal Device Programmers (8th Generation)

ALL 300S 2

ALL 300S 2 all300g new
ALL-300S  UFS-300S ALL-300G2 
(For eMMC, MCU, NOR/NAND Flash) (For UFS only)
(eMMC supported, optional UFS)
Secure programming supported 

Automated Programming Systems (5th Generation)

AT3 310D2                          AT3 310Aitext                                                     
 AT3-310D2  AT3-310A4      

(16/32 sockets, optional tray, reel, tape loader, and ink marker)

 (32/64 sockets, optional tray, reel, tape loader, and ink marker)
500+ Installations


Global Programming Centers

20+ years of programming service experience 


  • High Quality
  • Worldwide Service 
  • Powerful support from the HI-LO engineering team 
  • 500 sets of automated programming systems installed


Programming Services

programming service flow v2

Learn More 


Global Agents

(programming service, product service)


Area Company City Phone E-mail
Brazil Packler Do Brasil Ltda. Sao Paulo +55 11-5182-5098


United States USA HI-LO Systems Manhattan, KS +1 785-320-6992


The customers from countries not listed above will be served directly by USA HI-LO Systems. Please contact our sales team for any help.

Company Brief

Established in 1983, 30+ years till now
Taipei, Taiwan
Total engineers ~90. Covering

  • Electronics: Hardware, Firmware
  • Mechanics: Mechanic Automation
  • Vision: Inspection, Measurement
  • Software: System Software


  • USA: Silicon Valley
  • Japan: Yokohama
  • China: Shenzhen, Suzhou
  • Taiwan: Taipei


  • Taiwan:
    - Taipei Production Center

Programming Centers

  • Taiwan:
    - Taipei Programming Center

    - Hsinchu Programming Center
  • China:
    - Hong Kong Programming Center

    - Shenzhen Programming Center
    - Suzhou Programming Center
  • Japan:
    - Yokohama Programming Center

Quality Assurance:

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001

All major companies in the USA, Europe, 
Japan and Taiwan, covering 
IC design houses, IC distributors, 
mobile phone/tablet/PC
automotive companies,
and IC packaging 
and testing companies.

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