Market Dynamics:

As the Internet of Things (IoT), the connected cars and 5G applications proliferate, billions of cloud-connected devices are expected to be designed, manufactured and deployed over the next decade. Data generated in the process lead to the requirements for faster performance, improved responsiveness and driving demand of Universal Flash Storage (UFS), the next generation flash memory.

Though eMMC is the dominating mobile storage interface at present, its inefficiency to read and write data simultaneously due to its parallel interface fosters a transition under way from eMMC to Universal Flash Storage (UFS) as the future of flash memory (see Figure 1).

UFS support 2

(Figure 1)

Compared to eMMC, UFS works on the serial interface, which enables reading and writing data at the same time, thereby delivering improved capabilities and responsiveness. Additionally, UFS's impending scalability allows for bandwidth growth to support future technological advancements. Moreover, higher resolution content is also pushing the bandwidth limit of eMMC (see Figure 2).

UFS support 3

(Figure 2)

We understand more content are necessary in future, however, how much more exactly?

Take Automotive electronics for instance: Automotive electronics systems including powerful in-vehicle infotainment systems (IVI), detailed navigation maps and complex advanced driver assist systems for the connected cars are driving demand for high density Flash memory up to 2TB of data by 2022 in estimation.



To catch up with the trend of IoT devices, the connected cars and 5G applications, UFS, the next generation flash memory, is the key.

HI-LO architected the ALL-300G2, the solutions with faster performance and safer programming systems while maintaining production throughput, to support the latest device technologies today and in the future, protect and preserve customers' investment in HI-LOs programming technology under the transition from eMMC Flash to Universal Flash Storage (UFS) devices.



ALL 300G2

  • New design of high performance hardware provides high speed, high quality parallel programming
  • Support all types of latest UFS interface devices. The fastest UFS programming speed in the industry
  • Support USB 3.0 Gen 1(5 Gbps) interface to significantly increase the programming speed
  • Program up to 16 devices simultaneously


HI-LO offers our customers around the world the solutions with faster performance and safer programming systems while maintaining production throughput---AT3-310A2N


AT3 310A2N

The automated programming system

  • Up to 3000 UPH with 4 pick & place nozzles
  • Equipped with 4 units of ALL-200G or ALL-300G2 programmers, supports up to 64 sockets
  • Flexible I/O options. Supports tray / tape / tube
  • Accuracy – oriented design and precise vision positioning system capable of handling 1.5mm x 1.5mm devices such as WLCSP


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